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Free Download: An Introduction to Section 1071

How Community Banks Can Start to Prepare

Download the Section 1071 White Paper to get a better understanding of the most challenging compliance initiative in years

What's Inside? 

The changes to Reg B and the implementation of Section 1071 of Dodd-Frank will likely be the most challenging compliance initiative financial institutions have faced in the last 20 years. Inside you'll find:

  • A concise outline of the proposed changes with an eye toward helping compliance teams understand how the small business data collection requirements could impact their institutions.

  • An exploration of several challenges financial institutions will face as they implement the changes necessary to comply and suggestions on how to address these challenges.

  • Recommendations for implementing 1071 updates with minimal stress and frustration.

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Interested in learning more about Section 1071?

How to Create a 1071 GAP Analysis and Create a Plan for Compliance 
On-Demand Training

This one-hour course outlines the components of, and how to conduct a Gap Analysis for Section 1071. You'll come away with a better understanding of the 21 new reporting requirements and what they mean for their institution. Together, we’ll dive into the proposed requirements, analyze what elements may already be a part of your lending program, and how to strengthen areas that may be deficient.

Section 1071 Frontline Bootcamp: What your Frontline Needs to Know Now
On-Demand Training 

This hour-long class focuses on preparing your institution’s “front line,” including commercial loan officers, with working knowledge of the Section 1071 and how it will impact current processes, your organization, and their jobs. Your regulator will be looking for lending disparity in small business lending and it is more important than ever to ensure your front line is prepared!

Five Critical Section 1071 Steps Needed Now
On-Demand Training 

This two-hour on-demand webinar outlines the 5 most important steps to take in preparation for Section 1071's Regulation B updates. Guided by recognized compliance experts Jack Holzknecht and Kimberly Boatwright, you'll come away with the tools you need to ease the regulatory burden and make your implementation process smooth, efficient, and effective.