The Compliance Masters Group

A Comprehensive Training Program for Compliance Professionals 

Introducing the Compliance Masters Group

As a compliance professional, you're expected to have all the answers.  The Compliance Masters Group can help make sure you do.

The Compliance Masters Group (CMG) is a compliance training program created specifically for compliance officers.  

With over 125 members institutions and growing, the Compliance Masters Group harnesses the collective intelligence of the group and the training team at COMPLIANCE RESOURCE to stay abreast of the most pressing regulatory issues facing banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies today.  

All CMG training is delivered in concise, one-hour, webinar training sessions, prescheduled and held periodically throughout the month.  For convenience, recorded versions of CMG sessions are provided to members.  Membership is on a rolling basis, but over the course of 12 months, all areas of compliance impacting financial institutions are covered.  

Members report The Compliance Masters Group goes well beyond traditional compliance training and provides "deeper insight" and "practical compliance guidance" that cannot be found elsewhere.  

Make 2024 your best year ever. Become a member of The Compliance Masters Group today!  


Interested in learning more about CMG?

Below are just a few of the benefits you will receive from membership... 
  1.  Access to all twice monthly one-hour Compliance Masters sessions Twenty-four (24) concise, one-hour training sessions that take place every other week. Many Masters Members report they are amazed at how much they learn during these sessions.  Some state the Masters training to be “the most productive meeting they attend all month.”
  2. Access to all "Masters to Masters" and "Virtual Peer Group" sessions  In addition to the 24 bi-monthly training sessions, CMG members can join 12 interactive sessions that leverage the knowledge of hundreds of compliance professionals nationwide.  These sessions are among our most popular. 
  3. Unlimited Access to Compliance Resource Experts Have a thorny compliance issue that you need help with? Call or email the Compliance Resource team and get clear guidance. This “Ask the Expert” service is like having a trusted compliance consultant on staff.  (Valued at $2,000 – Free to CMG members)
  4.  Access to all Compliance Resource Compliance Manuals Our regulatory manuals are legendary and have been used to train compliance officers and examiners for over 25 years.  Designed to break down the regulations in clear, easy to understand language.  Indispensable and ideal for training your staff.  (Valued at $2,500 - Free to CMG members)
  5. Director and Senior Management Updates Never stress over providing a board update again.  Our Directors and Senior Management Board Packet compliance updates are delivered in an easy to edit format so they can be customized for your institution.  Our Members find these Board Packet Updates to be tremendous tools to raise board awareness and save time. (A $1,500 Value – Free for Compliance Masters Group members)
  6. Continuing Education Credit on all CMG training sessions If you are a CRCM or need continuing education credits, CMG membership qualifies. Meet annual requirements easily.
  7. Massive discounts (33%) on all Compliance Resource training classes, recorded training, tools, and other compliance products Train your staff and front line with high quality training for less than available anywhere else.  
  8. Unlimited Access to all recordings of CMG sessions Never miss a CMG meeting!  Recordings can be shared and accessed by others in your institution too!
                                                                                                                           so much more!
"The Compliance Masters Group is one of the best resources I have at my fingertips. The bi-monthly meetings and materials are invaluable! Without it, we would be forced to hire additional workforce. The CMG keeps us in front of, and prepared for constant regulatory changes and hot topics." SVP/Senior Compliance & CRA Officer, Member since 2011
"The Compliance Masters Group goes beyond foundational training and provides real insight into what we, as compliance professionals, are faced with." Vice President / Compliance Officer, Member since 2018
"I can't even count all the ways Compliance Masters Group has impacted my work! Frankly, I'm not sure what I'd do without it." Senior Compliance Officer, Member Since 2016

Compliance Masters Group is a subscription based service
designed to make you an even better compliance professional. 

How much is a CMG membership and what are the risks?  

Try a 60-Day Trial membership of the Compliance Masters Group absolutely free! 
You will receive all the benefits of full membership including a minimum of 9 CMG compliance training sessions.
The 60-day trial will allow you to learn first-hand if the Compliance Masters Group is right for you.  If at the end of the first 60 days you wish to continue, you will be billed $900 per quarter each quarter thereafter. 

CMG membership is risk free. The curriculum is designed to be a year long program, but if at any time you decide it isn't right for you, simply drop us a line and you can discontinue the service.  No questions asked. 

All Compliance Resource solutions, including CMG membership, come with our 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied you pay nothing… guaranteed.

 We work hard to provide outstanding value.  We are confident you will find CMG membership a helpful addition to you and your compliance program.  Becoming a member of the Compliance Masters Group will be one of the best decisions you make all year.

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