2023 is well underway and with so many regulatory updates on the horizon, we'd like to introduce...

Compliance Training Packs 

Timely & Affordable

Get all the training you and your team need

Section 1071 and CRA Modernization, in addition to all of the other regulatory changes headed our way will make for a busy year.

With this in mind, COMPLIANCE RESOURCE is now offering Compliance Training Packs.

Compliance Training Packs allow you to plan for upcoming training needs and save money at the same time.

The idea is simple. Pre-purchase COMPLIANCE RESOURCE training at a discount and attend any Compliance Resource training session now or in the future.

Training Pack credits can also be used on any current or future webinar or on-demand training session.  Training Pack credits can be shared among others in your institution as well.



Compliance Training Packs can be purchased in increments of 4, 6, 8 or 12.
Good news! Discounts increase as you purchase more. 

Compliance Training 4 Pack (15% Discount or $275 each) $1,100 Saves $200!
Compliance Training 6 Pack (20% Discount or $260 each) $1,560 Saves $390!
Compliance Training 8 Pack (25% Discount or $240 each) $1,950 Saves $648!
Compliance Training 12 Pack (30% Discount or $228 each) $2,736 Saves $1,136!

Compliance Training Packs are a great way to plan for the need for increased training and save money, too!


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