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Top 10 BSA / AML Issues in 2023 and How to Prepare for Them Deb Geister & Gene DiMira
Overcoming the Challenges of Regulation CC Rebekah Leonard
Compliance for Commercial Lenders Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
The Lifecycle of Deposits: Decoding Reg DD & Reg D Rebekah Leonard
RESPA - Section 8 Unearned Fees and Kickbacks Violations Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Fair Lending Essentials Kimberly Boatwright
Flood Insurance Review and Update Jack Holzknecht
Building a Safe and Sound Real Estate Program Eric Collinsworth
Regulation E - How to Handle Disputes Susan Costonis
Overdraft Programs and Their Risk to Your Financial Institution  Kimberly Boatwright
Total TRID Training – 4 Part Webinar Series Jack Holzknecht
Third-Party & Vendor Management - Why it’s More Important Than Ever Kimberly Boatwright
Untangling the Web of Fee Disclosures Jack Holzknecht
Right of Recission - Review & Update Jack Holzknecht
Real Estate Lending Compliance 4-Part Series Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Regulation O - Lending to Insiders Jack Holzknecht
Fair Lending Programs for Small Financial Institutions Kimberly Boatwright
Prepping for the Proposed Interagency CRA Rule Kimberly Boatwright
Yikes! The APR or APY is WRONG… Now What?! Rebekah Leonard
Evolving from Fair Lending to Fair Banking Kimberly Boatwright
ATR/QM Review and Update Jack Holzknecht
Updated: Section 1071 – 5 Critical Steps Needed Now! Kimberly Boatwright
Section 1033 – What, When and How Jack Holzknecht
Complaints Management Programs and Why They Fail Kimberly Boatwright
What You Need to Know About Escrows? Jack Holzknecht
How to Create and Maintain a Strong HMDA Program Kimberly Boatwright
Redlining Risks in Digital Marketing Kimberly Boatwright
Scrubbing and Submitting 2022 HMDA Data Jack Holzknecht
The 1071 Preparedness Bundle (Training + Downloads) Kimberly Boatwright
Understanding the Difference between Money Service Businesses, Money Transmitters and Agents of Money Transmitters Terri Sands
Section 1071 Frontline Bootcamp: What your “Frontline” Needs to Know Now! Kimberly Boatwright
Preparing Proper ARM Disclosures in a Rising Rate Environment Jack Holzknecht
How to Conduct a 1071 GAP Analysis and Create a Plan for Compliance Kimberly Boatwright
2022 Lending Compliance Update (Two-Part) Jack Holzknecht
Regulation Z Rules for Home Equity Lines of Credit Jack Holzknecht
Top 10 Most Common TRID Issues Jack Holzknecht
Fair Lending 101 - 4 Part Bundle Kimberly Boatwright
Fair Lending 101 - Corrective Action and Oversight Kimberly Boatwright
Fair Lending 101 - First, Second, and Third Lines Kimberly Boatwright
Fair Lending 101 – Foundation of a Fair Lending Program Kimberly Boatwright
Fair Lending 101 – Fair Lending Compliance Program Kimberly Boatwright
BUNDLE: Fair Lending 101 - Four Part Series Kimberly Boatwright
Understanding the FTC Endorsement Guides  Jack Holzknecht
I Was “Voluntold” into the Role of Compliance Officer. Now What? – 3 Recording Bundle Kimberly Boatwright
I Was “Voluntold” into the Role of Compliance Officer. Now What? – Key Pillars of Effective Compliance Management Systems Kimberly Boatwright
Mortgage Lending Compliance - End to End (4 Part Series) Jack Holzknecht
I Was “Voluntold” into the Role of Compliance Officer. Now What? – Compliance Culture and Governance Kimberly Boatwright
I Was “Voluntold” into the Role of Compliance Officer. Now What? – Compliance Management Systems 101 Kimberly Boatwright
The Three Lines of Defense and Why You Need Them in Your Compliance Management System Kimberly Boatwright
How to Obtain and Retain an Outstanding CRA Rating Jack Holzknecht
Providing Accurate and Timely Adverse Action Notices Jack Holzknecht
Atten-Hut! SCRA and MLA Bootcamp Rebekah Leonard
Top 15 HMDA Issues Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Performing Internal Real Estate Compliance Reviews In Today’s Regulatory Environment Eric Collinsworth
Call Center Fraud Management: Identification, Response and Recovery Terri Sands
Redlining - The Collision of Fair Lending and CRA Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Understanding the Proposed Interagency CRA Rule Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Special Purpose Credit Programs - Why and How to Establish Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Identifying and Documenting CRA Community Development Activities Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Top 10 Most Frequent Flood Issues Jack Holzknecht
Implementing the New Interagency Flood Insurance Questions and Answers Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
Managing a Winning and Compliant Marketing Program Rebekah Leonard
Recent Fair Lending Issues Jack Holzknecht
Overdraft Risks, Requirements, and Best Practices Susan Costonis
Deposit Regulation & Operations Update Deb Crawford
Understanding External Transfer Fraud and How to Mitigate Your Risks Terri Sands
CRA - Review and Update Jack Holzknecht
Lessons Learned – Compliance Enforcement Actions Bundle  
Lessons Learned - Recent Lending Compliance Enforcement Actions Jack Holzknecht
Lessons Learned – Recent Deposit Compliance Enforcement Actions Heather Schaefer & Drew McGarvey
BSA Officer Update and Staff Annual Training Deb Crawford
Writing Compliant Real Estate Evaluations Internally Eric Collinsworth
Reg B - Proposed Small Business Loan Data Collection and Reporting Rules Jack Holzknecht
NEW NACHA Rules Updates for 2022 & Beyond Donna Olheiser
BUNDLE: Total TRID Training – 4 Part Series Jack Holzknecht
New Incident Notification Requirements Chad Knutson
IRA Review and Update – 2021-2022 Tax Season Deb Crawford
NEW CFPB Reg E FAQ’s – What You Need to Know Susan Costonis


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