Webinar Training Schedule

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of upcoming webinar training opportunities from COMPLIANCE RESOURCE

Recorded Live November 2023 The ABC’s of Conducting Your Annual ACH Compliance Review Donna Olheiser
Recorded Live December 2023 Lending Compliance Update Two-Part Series Kimberly Boatwright
Recorded Live January 2024 What You Need to Know About Escrows Rebekah Leonard
Recorded Live February 2024 The New CRA (4-Part Series) Kimberly Boatwright
Recorded Live March 2024 Real Estate Lending Compliance (4-Part Series)
Kimberly Boatwright
Recorded Live May 2024 Redlining Risks in Digital Marketing Kimberly Boatwright & Pam Perdue
Recorded Live May 2024 Fair Lending Essentials Kimberly Boatwright
Recorded Live May 2024 Third-Party Risk: What EVERY Bank Can Learn From Fintech-Bank Enforcement
Pam Perdue
Recorded Live May 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI):  How Compliance Can Leverage Its Use Justin Muscolino
Recorded Live May 2024 Exam Management Rebekah Leonard
Recorded Live April/May 2024 Total TRID Training (4-Part Series) Kimberly Boatwright
JUNE 2024
6/4/2024 Overcoming the Challenges of Regulation CC Rebekah Leonard
6/13/2024 ABC's of ACH Donna Olheiser
6/20/2024 Beyond Overdraft: Compliance Risks of Banking Fees Pam Perdue
6/25/2024 Marketing and Advertising Compliance: How to and Best Practices (Part 1 of 3) Kimberly Boatwright
6/26/2024 1071 - Where Are We Now? Kimberly Boatwright
6/27/2024 Third-Party Guidance Update Pam Perdue
JULY 2024
7/2/2024 Marketing and Advertising Compliance: How to and Best Practices (Part 2 of 3) Kimberly Boatwright
7/8/2024 Marketing and Advertising Compliance: How to and Best Practices (Part 3 of 3) Kimberly Boatwright
7/10/2024 Lending to Service Members Rebekah Leonard
7/16/2024 New NACHA Rules for 2024 Donna Olheiser
7/18/2024 Compliance for Commercial Lenders Kimberly Boatwright
7/31/2024 Red Flags From the Lifeguard Stand in an Ocean of Third-Party Risks Nanci McKenzie
8/6/2024 Building A Strong Complaints Management Program Kimberly Boatwright
8/14/2024 Data, Data Everywhere: Making Sense of What It’s Telling You Nanci McKenzie
8/20/2024 Understanding Emerging Payments Fraud and Risk Management Nanci McKenzie
8/22/2024 Articulate to Educate – Managing Third Party Risks Within a Treasury Management Service Program Nanci McKenzie
10/8/2024 Mortgage Lending (Part 1 of 4) Kimberly Boatwright
10/10/2024 Mortgage Lending (Part 2 of 4) Kimberly Boatwright
10/15/2024 Mortgage Lending (Part 3 of 4) Kimberly Boatwright
10/17/2024 Mortgage Lending (Part 4 of 4) Kimberly Boatwright
11/5/2024 Top HMDA Issues Kimberly Boatwright

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