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Date Training Title  Presenter
2/7/2023 Yikes! The APR or APY is WRONG...Now What? Rebekah Leonard
2/8/2023 Prepping for the Proposed Interagency CRA Rule Kimberly Boatwright
2/13, 2/14, 2/21, 2/23/2023 Real Estate Lending Compliance (Virtual) 4 Part Series Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
2/15-16/2023 Real Estate Lending Compliance (Elizabethtown, KY) Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
2/21/2023 Fair Lending Programs for Small Financial Institutions Kimberly Boatwright
2/22/2023 Regulation O - Lending to Insiders Jack Holzknecht
2/28/2023 Right of Rescission - Review & Update Jack Holzknecht
 MARCH 2023
3/1/2023 Untangling the Web of Fee Disclosures Jack Holzknecht
3/7/2023 Third-Party & Vendor Management – Why it’s More Important Than Ever Kimberly Boatwright
3/7/2023 Total TRID Training (Part 1) Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
3/8/2023 Total TRID Training (Part 2) Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
3/14/2023 Total TRID Training (Part 3) Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
3/15/2023 Overdraft Programs and Their Risk to Your Financial Institution Kimberly Boatwright
3/15/2023 Total TRID Training (Part 4) Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
3/21/2023 Building a Safe & Sound Real Estate Program Eric Collinsworth
3/21/2023 Flood Insurance Review and Update Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
3/22/2023 Fair Lending Essentials Kimberly Boatwright
3/28/2023 RESPA Section 8 - Unearned Fees and Kickback Violations Jack Holzknecht
 APRIL 2023
4/4/2023 Compliance for Commercial Lenders Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
4/5/2023 What is So Important About a Business Continuity Plan? Kimberly Boatwright
4/11/2023  CRA - It's Final! Now What? Kimberly Boatwright 
4/25/2023 Redlining - The Collision of Fair Lending and CRA Jack Holzknecht & Kimberly Boatwright
4/26/2023  1071 - It's Final! Now What? Kimberly Boatwright
 MAY 2023
5/3/2023  Fair Lending 101 - Part 1  Kimberly Boatwright
5/9/2023 BSA Officer Update Kimberly Boatwright
5/10/2023  Fair Lending 101 - Part 2 Kimberly Boatwright
5/17/2023  Fair Lending 101 - Part 3 Kimberly Boatwright
5/31/20223  Fair Lending 101 - Part 4 Kimberly Boatwright
 JUNE 2023
6/6/2023 Regulatory Hot Topics Kimberly Boatwright 
6/20/2023 Lessons Learned - Recent Lending Compliance Enforcement Actions Jack Holzknecht
6/21/2023 Lessons Learned - Recent Deposit Compliance Enforcement Actions and Common Violations Kimberly Boatwright

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