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 MAY 2023
5/25/2023 Section 1071 - 3 Part Webinar Series (Part 1) Kimberly Boatwright
5/30/2023 Section 1071 - 3 Part Webinar Series (Part 2) Kimberly Boatwright
5/31/2023 Fair Lending 101 - Part 4 Kimberly Boatwright
 JUNE 2023
6/6/2023 Unauthorized Transactions - Reg E vs. Nacha Operating Rules Donna Olheiser
6/8/2023 What is So Important About a Business Continuity Plan? Kimberly Boatwright
6/9/2023 Section 1071 - 3 Part Webinar Series (Part 3) Kimberly Boatwright
6/20/2023 1071 GAP Analysis Kimberly Boatwright
 JULY 2023
7/11/2023/ NEW Reclamation Process w/ ACH Federal Reclamations plus Guidance on Misdirection Payments and DNEs
Donna Olheiser
7/12/2023 Considering a Fintech Partnership? Compliance Do’s & Don’ts Luisa Franco
7/18/2023 Section 1071 Frontline Bootcamp Kimberly Boatwright
 AUGUST 2023
8/17/2023/ Top 10 Most Common Flood Insurance Issues
Kimberly Boatwright
8/22/2023 Identifying and Documenting CRA Community Development Activities
Kimberly Boatwright
9/14/2023/ How CRA, 1071, and Fair Lending Collide
Kimberly Boatwright
9/19/2023/ Overdraft Programs and Their Risk to Your Financial Institution
Kimberly Boatwright
10/5/2023/ Mortgage Lending Compliance - Part 1 of 4
Kimberly Boatwright
10/10/2023/ Mortgage Lending Compliance - Part 2 of 4
Kimberly Boatwright
10/19/2023/ Mortgage Lending Compliance - Part 3 of 4
Kimberly Boatwright
10/24/2023/ Mortgage Lending Compliance - Part 4 of 4
Kimberly Boatwright
12/5/2023/ Top 15 HMDA Issues
Kimberly Boatwright

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